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Recently, a number of best practices and new technologies have emerged, designed to facilitate the development of complex systems. These experiments, funded by companies such as Google and Amazon, have made it possible to envision and design the computer systems of tomorrow. They are based around several different concepts and technologies:

  • Microservice architectures: simplifying systems by dividing them into small functionalities
  • Event sourcing: making services independent from one another so that they each have their own life cycle
  • Containerisation: isolating services at operating system level
  • API management: facilitating inter-service communication
  • Big Data processing: deploying specialized infrastructures to extract maximum value from all accumulated data.
  • This is an opportunity to join a company that is rapidly investing in a modern infrastructure in which to implement these concepts and technologies. The technological leap between past and future systems is a significant one, and the gap between players who have invested in this area and those who have not is growing day by day.

Company Profile :
This firm was originally started by a team of industry leaders in the Global Financial Markets space with extensive experience in front to back trading technologies across multiple asset classes and business lines with offices in New York and London.

The members of their management and advisory team have held senior global management roles at investment banks around the world and at trading technology software vendors. They have a simple strategy to be a global Fin Tech company providing best in class solutions and services which are in line with their client’s needs, goals and expectations. They have a disruptive framework technology and business model to achieve this strategy.

They have a very flat organization where people are their greatest asset. Their culture and values are based on teamwork, diversity, communication, meritocracy and leadership to provide value to their clients and the global community.

They offer a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefit package
to ensure the health and financial security of their employees.


Currently looking for Junior and Mid-level Java Developers .

Work in the Core Development Teams of their framework, as well supporting issues and enhancements requested from the Product Development Team and onsite specialists in New York or London.


Required capabilities:

• 2+ years Java 8 development experience
• Well organized self-starter with drive and determination

• An understanding and appreciation of the Java memory model
• Good testing skills (e.g. using JUnit for unit testing and Mockito to complement it with behavioral testing)
• An appreciation for Continuous Integration
• Agile development experience
• Experience with dependency injection management.

Preferred capabilities:

Knowledge of, and strong demonstrated interest in, global financial markets and financial products.


You have an engineering mindset—we are not hacking things together or building algorithms in isolation—we build real systems, and we treat software as a craft that we approach with an engineer’s discipline.

You are someone we want to work with—you challenge the status quo and are someone we can learn from. Historically, we have been great at hiring such people, and now they are the cornerstones of Lab49. You will be responsible for building and nurturing this community.

You are someone that is passionate about technology—you follow the industry, you build things on your own, you tinker and hack, you read aplenty and attend meet-ups. You know that the technology landscape changes every few years and you retool continuously.

You have built things, you’ve seen the whole project lifecycle, you have delivered; you’ve seen failure and you’ve learned from it. You have developed the insight that will enable you to lead your team to deliver on time and within budget.



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