* Rates Core Java Developer Credit Suisse NY 850-1050/day on a corp to corp

Paying 850-1050/day on  a corp to corp

Job Description – Rates Developer

Your Role

The role is Rates Developer. You will be working directly with traders, quants and other developers to define, implement, test, monitor and improve our trading systems.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the trading system including

  • the trading interface for traders, including the vendor and custom implementations allowing the traders to monitor and access public and internal markets
  • strategies and models that traders use to trade in an automated fashion
  • the interfaces with external components, order management and latency / performance and the infrastructure required to trade


The ideal candidate for this role has the following technical experience:

  • Experienced developer (3-5 years) in financial software development
  • Commercial development experience in Java
  • Solid understanding of advanced software engineering principles
  • Experience with multithreaded development, modern approaches to concurrency
  • Agile development methodologies, such as Extreme Programming or Scrum

In addition, any experience with the following would be a plus:

  • Financial industry experience, including experience with trading systems, request-for-quote (RFQ) marketplaces, electronic market making or algorithmic trading
  • MiFID II regulatory reform
  • Low latency/”garbage-free” programming techniques and performance profiling
  • Fixed Income (e.g. Cash, Swaps, Futures, Options)
  • Quantitative programming in languages such as Python (numpy), R, Matlab or S-Plus

Finally, the following characteristics are absolutely required:

  • Proven ability to communicate with less technical users to understand requirements and implement appropriate solutions
  • Successful track record of delivering working software quickly and improving it iteratively
  • Desire to implement robust, extensible, testable systems that will evolve with the business
  • Experience and desire to work as part of a multi-faceted team
  • Relentless devotion to software quality, testing and scalability

Our Business Goals

Our business goals are to become a top tier market maker in electronic trading for products globally across both exchange-traded and OTC markets as they trade now, and as they transition to the world of electronic trading.

  • Having a full service offering across the existing dealer to client venues. Wherever trading is occurring we need to be present on the playing field with a competitive offering.
  • Innovating the electronic trading of new products or in new venues, like IRS, to stay on the cutting-edge.
  • Market making actively in the public exchange markets on rates products.
  • Build a robust, extensible, scalable trading infrastructure to achieve these goals.

We view our competitive edge in the market:

  • Direct access to clients. We can shape the client experience to attract high-quality flow that traditional competitors won’t even see.
  • Combining the best approaches of over-the-counter dealer market making with the advanced quantitative trading techniques of the most advanced firms.
  • Making data driven decisions at all levels, from trading and client interactions to how we manage the business.

Our Technical Goals

Technology is the core of our business, and to successfully achieve our business goals we will need to maintain a technology framework and Agile development process that:

  • Enables traders and quants to build, test and deploy signals and strategies without significant impact on each other or the core.
  • Emphasizes testing, software quality and scalability.
  • Supports rapid, but sustainable and predictable, feature development.
  • Leverages both internal CS and external 3rd party software products as appropriate.


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